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A rather smart little application, if I say so myself, that allows you to create test cards and more basic patterns from their individual elements - colour bars, frequency gratings etc - rather than having to draw them manually with a graphics package.

What's more, the patterns you create can be easily redrawn at a wide range of sizes, and the results saved as ordinary household bitmaps or JPEGs, while the actual pattern definition is saved in a much smaller file format.

The program itself, a "readme" text file, HTML help file, some sample test card definitions, some related icons, and two free 'dot matrix' raster fonts, are contained in the ZIP file below. (Installation instructions and disclaimer are in the text file.) (626kb)

The Test Card Definition Resource is still increasing in size, containing downloadable TCD files for use with Test Card Maker.

The user guide for Test Card Maker has now been converted into HTML Help, except for program and installation information which is now in a "readme.txt" file. In case you can't get the HTML Help to work, the remainder of the flat-text user guide is preserved here. (24.9kb)

Apologies to anyone who I notified about previous releases but not this one - I have lost some e-mail addresses due to a PC crash. Please e-mail me* if you wish to be notified about further updates.

( * E-mail address is bodged to hide it from spammers. Please change the text in square brackets to an "at" sign. )


Release History
Most releases have extra tweaks and bug fixes than are listed on this page - see here for more details.

Date Ver Comments
28/03/2004 5.11 Corrections to multi-object resize & picking up of custom aspect ratios; positioning tweaks for better drawing with anti-aliasing;
08/03/2004 5.10 Anamorphic images + aspect ratios; more shapes for cutouts; transparent bitmaps; Flip/Rotate added; allow mouse-click to close Viewer full-screen mode
17/01/2004 5.01 Bug fix (help file location); extra font file in .zip
02/01/2004 5.00 Full multi-file handling; full anti-aliasing in Viewer; new object types; user guide converted to basic HTML help; more toolbar buttons; text drawn faster.
03/05/2003 4.10 Extra settings for clocks; can explicitly set layers as transparent; slight enhancement to colour panels.
12/01/2003 4.01 Correction to saving of multi-line text containing blank lines.
10/11/2002 4.00 New object types including digital clock/countdown; tone and CDs can be played in full-screen mode; text can be multi-line; sample text shown; Select Area function added.
24/05/2002 3.31 Correction to Y/U/V calculations.
18/05/2002 3.30 Customised colour dialog; bigger drawings allowed in Viewer.
09/02/2002 3.20 Thumbnail creation; colourbars can have pure black and white regions regardless of L/S/C values.
17/11/2001 3.10 A few more features; improvements to Paste operation and image file location.
04/09/2001 3.00 Many extra features, faster drawing, and more object types - including pictures.
12/06/2001 2.30 A couple of extra features; no longer leaves temporary bitmaps lying around.
30/04/2001 2.20 New object type (Bullseye); improved double-click edit for Cross
19/03/2001 2.10 Text and gradients draw faster; now uses static linking (pushes up the file size!)

Feedback! Please let me know if you can't get this to work - or indeed if it does work and does a brilliant job! I've got access to Windows 95 and XP at the moment; if you send system details (operating system, processor, graphics mode, what happens and any error text) I can at the very least provide more specific system requirements!

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