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Welcome to the extremely well-thought-out and lavishly designed Funsville Memetic Laboratories (FML) Home Page. Here you'll find scandalously minimal information on the whole wide world of FML, whose up-to-date nature will be as much to chance.

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A world of dark blue stuff

Press now for FUN!! -- The OODLETUZ BUTTON provided exclusively by FML....

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and you get what you deserve therefrom

The FML Audio Service
RealAudio simulations of the sound of FML
Three new selections! 22/04/2006
Including a preview i.e. something I've not released yet.

Test Card Maker, Memory Lane and more
New subsite as of 28/04/2006

Mercator 45
Presentation of an imaginary TV company
Now with start-up! Updated 19/03/2005

And here's Tonight's Cat...

Tonight's Cat

It's like The Matrix where it goes all slow. Do you see? I think I'll still keep Bonus Bouncy Cat on this page though:

Bonus Bouncy Cat (Zooball)

Boing-boing-prrrrrrr, one might say.

Disclaimer: Funsville Memetic Laboratories is not an academic or business concern, regardless of any image of several diligent white-lab-coated research technicians in sealed clinical surroundings which its name may have conjured up, and however many references are made to such persons within these pages. I thankyou.